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Food items for keeping healthy dental system

dentalAdequate nutrition is very important to be present in the human body system for preventing the diseases. Dental problem is one of the common issues that most of the people face. Many researchers have found that antioxidants presents in the vegetables, legumes, fruits and nuts have the capacity to strengthen the immune power of the body and improves the ability of body to fight inflammation and bacteria. Some of the food items that help in maintaining the healthy dental system are as follows. Milk, calcium forted juices and dairy products contain vitamin D and calcium. These can help in promoting the healthy bones and teeth and reduced the risks of losing the tooth. People can add these items in their cooked dishes to add some calcium that are needed to protect jawbones and teeth. Cheese set free the calcium mixing with plaque and sticking to the tooth, protecting them from acid that lead to tooth decay and helping in rebuilding the enamel of tooth on the spot.

Antioxidant vitamins like vitamin C can help in protecting the gums and tissues from bacterial infection and cell damage along with the support of nutrients present in vegetables and fruits. Raw vegetables and crisp fruits such as apples, celery and carrots help in cleaning the plaque from the teeth and help to freshen the breath. Recent studies have indicated that fresh cranberries disrupt the bond of oral bacteria prior the formation of plaque that damages the dental system. Folic acid enhances the health mouth with fresh breath and helps in the growth of cell throughout the body. This acid is present in the yeast of brewer and green leafy vegetables. People should avoid acidic drinks and food items such as citrus fruits, carbonated drinks, pickles, wines and honey that can also lead to wear and tear of tooth enamel.

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