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10 Ways To Wake Up Smiling

I suggest you print it and keep it on hand, so to be reminded daily of what you can do. Try every point of view you like, and then integrate them into your daily routine.morningexercise

1. Stretch – Take your body a good stretch of the journey from head to toe. This is the first thing, and while lying in bed, or when you leave first. This helps to release energy blocks in a building during sleep. It helps the body to feel the earth, and allows muscles to release tension that accumulates at the end of contorted positions in sleep.

2nd Day Salute open the curtains, open the window a crack and expose your face to the sun (or just the light, if it is boring / rain). Stay like this for a minute. Sunlight stimulates the pineal gland in the brain that helps wake you up. Put on your robe and is left out or just open your window wide and breathe the fresh morning air crisp.

3. OUT OF SHOWER – You wake invigorating shower! (Not for the timid!) One way is to alternate hot and cold water. But to be honest, I could not face in the middle of winter. Instead, it is beneficial if little by little, turn the water temperature down, falling on his head, and let the flow of water temperature for one minute before returning.

4. Boost your brain – use your nondominant hand when you make your daily rituals. So if you are right handed, use your left hand, and if left handed, use your right!

6. Breakfast – Making interesting by varying what you eat. I look forward to breakfast. Try a new grain, new fruit, a variety of yogurt, meat and eggs, even pancakes.

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