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Be prepared on World First Aid Day

Everyone is being urged to brush up on their first aid skills and likewise be more confident in applying basic treatment.
September 10 has been chosen World First Aid Day from the Red Cross, and it strives to have more people thinking about first aid and having the know how to help out others around them in case of minor injuries.
Lots of people have a very basic knowledge of first aid but do not feel confident enough in their own abilities to manage help if required. With this in your mind, the Red Cross has started the Everyday First Aid programme to encourage the public to be more prepared.
Most people agree that it’s essential to learn first aid, however some really are worried that it’s far too complex to learn and in an emergency they wouldn’t remember all of the steps. Remembering standard first aid information is simple and easy , could help save a life, allow someone to get on with their day or simply set somebody at ease.
Stocking first aid kits may also help you be much more prepared for any emergencies which can happen, and at there are a variety of kits including ones that are ideal for the office, the home or perhaps even the car.
The site also has detailed information on dealing with a variety of injuries and ailments, and all the information comes from fully qualified Chartered Physiotherapists so you can be certain you’re getting medically sound information which may help you recover faster.

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