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Causes of Back Acne

In fact, grows in various parts of the body, one of which is in the back. Back acne, like facial acne, can range from mild to severe. They have the same symptoms as redness, swelling, irritation and sometimes pus. Moreover, as facial acne, the exact cause of back acne is generally unknown. But there are some habits that are known to aggravate, if not the cause of back acne. You must remember that these habits are not the cause itself. A person must be predisposed to acne so these things can cause an outbreak of acne.

Wear restrictive and backpacks

Some people believe that wearing tight clothing can cause back acne. When you wear tight clothes, the sweat trapped in your back, keeping the oil trapped in the pores. Some clothing materials such as nylon, also keep the sweat trapped inside and prevent the entry of air into the interior. This could lead to the development of back acne. The same happens when you wear a backpack, especially heavy. Also, these things can cause excessive heating, which further aggravate and worsen again irritation and inflammation of acne. So if you have back acne, the best thing to do is wear loose cotton or other porous breathable fabric allows air to easily in. Also, avoid the use of backpacks. Use a shoulder bag instead.

Poor hygiene

Sometimes the back is one of the most neglected when it comes to swimming because it is difficult to achieve. For this reason, the back becomes a fertile ground where bacteria can proliferate. This situation is exacerbated by the fact that the back is part of the body sweats more often in times of stress or when the heat is intense. Thus, a party needs a lot of homes is an insufficient amount of attention during bath time. This makes it very susceptible to acne. So if you have back acne, it could be because they do not give enough attention. There are some topical ointments that can be applied, especially topical antibacterial agents that can reduce your acne. Also, be sure to wash away with soap and water.

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