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Electronic Cigarette Festivus is a great help for e-cigarette users

Did you have a bitter experience with your electronic cigarette brand and are looking for a place to make your fellow users aware of the nasty affair? Well, you would be glad to know that the premier e-cigarette review site “Electronic Cigarette Tree” has come up with a unique forum where you can easily submit your opinion about the different e-cigarette brands you had an experience with. If you are interested to know more follow the post below.


  • The name of the forum is Electronic Cigarette Festivus. It’s named after the Festivus day which is celebrated every year on 23rd of December to voice about your grievances and complaints regarding the pressures of bad commercialism. The forum site too acts as a jumbo platform enabling the e-cigarette users to state the complaints and problems they had faced against the electronic cigarette manufacturers
  • It’s a very active forum with a number of electronic cigarette users continuously talking about their different problems with the many electronic cigarette brands and you are welcome to join the conversation here anytime and on anything regarding the electronic cigarettes. You will find some of the users complaining about leaking cartomizers while some are unhappy with the shipping while another fellow user really had a bad experience with a so called reputed e-cigarette brand.
  • The Electronic Cigarette Festivus also allows the different electronic cigarette brands to join up with the forum and explain about their status in case they have been misunderstood by a customer.
  • Every week, the forum page is sent to the e-cigarette brands so that they can improve themselves accordingly.
  • The good part is that the forum will act as a credible guide for the amateur e-cigarette smokers who will get to know about the various problems the customers experienced with different brands and thus can stay clear of them.

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