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Heart Monitor Watch

There is so much talk about the heart rate monitor watch, heart, and in these days of training. It seems that you can not do without effective training with heart rate monitor beeps to watch the entire session. But what are all these areas are and what they mean?

Well, you must first aerobic Zone.

This is the area next to your resting pulse natural. This is the area you start in. You need to develop, how you perform in this area before moving to the next.

The anaerobic zone

In this area, you will not burn fat as much as the use of glycogen stored in muscles and is more commonly known as lactic acid.

Red Line Zone

Many of us are never going to beat us in this area. This area is usually reserved for extremely fit among us, athletes who are in this area only for short periods, like when they performed at the level of competition.

Some other things that can affect the heart rhythm are:

Dehydration – this can increase your heart rate up to 7%.

The heat and humidity may also increase the heart, and so may be at a height of up to 20%.

Because you can not see your heart is very easy to focus on how your legs, arms or other parts of your body look. Work to get your heart work more efficiently, can have massive health benefits and studies have shown that a well-exercised heart goes a long way to beat heart disease and problems. So come to know and understand your areas.

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