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How Cheeseburgers Cause Cancer

Cheeseburgers or added in particular, the archetype of food burger with fries and a Coke to accompany, an allegory of the real dangers inherent in the standard American diet SAD.

This diet is rich in proteins, carbohydrates and oils gives a bitter metabolism antithesis acerb high in the body. Science tells us that the natural accompaniment of the physical benefits of animals is alkaline, as the Agency a pH of about 7365 Claret. PH is an antithesis measuring alkaline, acid in the body. Curiosity different that we alert the animal body, requires an accompanying sharp to work properly.

So what happens if some of all that we eat or alcohol produces acid, the pH of the body finally tilted at a height of 7 acid and below.?

These immature fluids in your body for all cooking equipment and the incident could damage the body’s electrical signals to the center of the selected locations of the body causing malfunctioning of the system allowed. Among the horrors of the infamous cheeseburger diet has added a lot of anticipation is one of the established causes of cancer. Here’s how it works and what you can do it.In the beginning of acid, low oxygen content in the atmosphere produced in our body, the American diet, the enzymes in the mitochondria to convince cells that are oxygen furnace area is robust and suitable to functioning of the cell, breaks, or become denatured.

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