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How To Stop Smoking Marijuana

Cannabis or marijuana, pot and weed is a drug that seems to have a highly addictive effect of some people. Many who have started the habit of smoking marijuana find that they are unable to leave it after a certain period of time. Some people also start to grow marijuana to make sure they have clean cannabis. There are many rehab clinics and other places that have started programs to help people stop smoking cannabis. But how to stop smoking cannabis really depends on the person’s understanding of the drug and the different kinds of effects it has on the person’s body and mind. Only after a person has completely understood how marijuana damages your body will a person be able to stay off it.

First of all any person who is trying to stop smoking cannabis should realize the different misconceptions that people have regarding cannabis addiction. This mostly leads to people trying to quit it the wrong way which leads to users ridiculing the idea of addiction.

Research and studies have shown that smoking marijuana or weed is totally different from smoking cigarettes. The chemicals contained within smoking such as nicotine make a person physically dependent on the drug and when a person is starved of it, it can cause a physical craving which drives a person to smoke again. However this does not imply that smoking cannabis doesn’t have its own cravings but these are usually of a different nature.

A person suffers from different cannabis withdrawal symptoms once he decides to stop smoking cannabis. The physical symptoms of this include vivid dreams, insomnia and anxiety. Many people who go through the process of stopping cannabis smoking go through scary and vivid dreams. This might be as a direct cause of the chemical THC which stays in the system for a period of weeks even after you have stopped smoking weed as the THC still keeps reacting with the brain.

Other symptoms that a person experiences when he decides to stop smoking cannabis include tension and paranoia that are most highlighted when a person is trying to work these chemicals out of his system. Others have reported difficulties in sleeping and this is again caused because of your body trying to readjust. These symptoms gradually pass with time and are in no way even near in comparison to terrible physical effects that one faces as a result of quitting cigarettes. The real craving from the drug comes from the psychological dependence on weed and this has absolutely nothing to do with physical needs.

The psychological dependence on this drug comes from the need of smoking marijuana in the form of bongs, joints or whichever way you choose to feel it. So how do you stop smoking cannabis then? The first step is to really understand the contents of this article and try to figure out why you use marijuana in the first place. Only from there can you make a plan for quitting the drug and get the benefits of a clear mind and a clearer thinking process. As soon as you go down this road, you will realize that you have a lot of time and money to start making some positive changes in your life.



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