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Maintenance Treatment And Osteopathy

download (22)While a frequent check-up visit is not suitable for every individual, when serious symptoms come on for a non specific reason, the main cause is usually the result of the things that we do all the time, often over and over again over months and years. We are all subject to the pressures and stress of life, our systems are constantly working with the effects of aging, emotional and harmful stress as well as the physical requirements. Our systems adjust in reaction to the frequent physical stimulation from our professions, interests or sports where we are doing the same physical activity. Muscular tissue, joint parts and soft cells stiffen in reaction, assisting us as we carry them out. Sometimes these cells can stiffen beyond the point where they no longer function effectively and become annoyed to the level where even insignificant stimulating elements cause pain and rigidity.

For example, a workplace manager rests at a computer all day with a bad position. Their upper spinal muscles react to support this frequent position by shrinking up and becoming annoyed and eventually firm and painful. Then they might do some other activity such as color the roof or dig the garden although, based on the level of the current discomfort, it can also be just an insignificant activity. Their body is already having difficulties to deal with inadequate work position but now has another physical demand placed on it. Due to the current rigidity and inflexibility, the whole body cannot deal and they get spasm in their neck muscles. After viewing the osteopath for a therapy on their serious muscle spasm and after the signs have gone away, the possibility is that the workplace manager will continue to demonstrate the same inadequate posture habits that are at the main of their issue. If these troublesome areas are not resolved then there is a high chance that the acute spasms will return at some time in the future. This sort of situation is when a frequent maintenance therapy would be advisable. In an ideal world an osteopath would “cure” everyone at their first visit. Actually this doesn’t occur very often as the main cause of most sufferers are historical, well recognized and constantly strengthened by their profession and way of life.


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