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Perleche – Causes and Treatments

Our mouths are, more or less funds available to us. It is not uncommon to find people attracted to it, as if to ask what the person likes the other person, which is one of the most common form of answers to the mouth. So why are goods, they should continue to be paid to proper care.

However, there are cases that are the target of the disease and are no longer part of an asset for later use. One of the common oral diseases is what you called angular cheilitis. You may have heard about but do not really know what it is. You must be able to meet your curiousity.

What is perleche? Perleche has French origins, “To” means “intense” and “libertine” means “to lick”. In a nutshell, is a disease that manifests itself through the defects, cracks or fissures on the lips and mouth area in general. It is also sometimes called the angular cheilosis, angular cheilitis or angular stomatitis. This description may not seem too daunting, but these changes, cracks or crevices, if not treated immediately, can cause intense pain to the point of bleeding continued, and the development of pus. Of course, you do not want this to happen to you.

There are several reasons why angular cheilitis affects people, young and old. The most common reasons are:

First bacterial infection

2. fungal infection

3rd Weather

4. ill-fitting dentures

5. vitamin

6. immunodeficiency

7. Iron deficiency

Cure that really worked Pelech really depends on its cause. For mild cases, usually applying lip balm or similar products would be able to fix the problem. Also, avoid licking the affected areas would be useful. However, in case of fungi, anti-fungal creams are recommended, such as clotrimazole, miconazole and nystatin. Of microbial, anti-bacterial cream Bactroban lke recommended. Angular cheilitis caused by bacteria, however, is relatively rare. It causes skin such as dermatitis, anti-fungal creams are also able to turn around healing.

Today, the various products in order to cure perleche developed. Before treatment perleche, however, you must make sure that you would be able to discover the reason. This allows you to go for the best treatment perleche. There are also alternative therapies, such as honey, cucumber slices, unsalted butter and olive oil. Go to a doctor the best remedy.

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