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Sugar Addiction

images (26)You know if you’re addicted to sugar – you desire cake, candies, dessert (love the frosting), donuts (especially the ones with Bavarian creme), or ice cream. Vacations are the most bad time for sugar lovers. The Xmas candies, Easter time basket and biscuits, and Xmas candies are major cravings. You’re like a cigarette smoker coming out into the cold winter air for a few puffs, only you quit to pick up root beer barrels at the local store. Then, you eat the entire thing in one seat. Or three portions of ice cream in front of the TV set. Or a whole box of marshmallow biscuits.

Sweet meals is your buddy, your comfort when things aren’t going your way, your spouse is spending too lots of your energy and effort browsing the net, or your manager is creeping up your buttocks. By the way, you’re battling this war thanks to the food market. One of the “best’ ways to profit from selling foodstuffs is to get your clients connected on your sugar-filled meals – that way they’ll buy more of it. Not only does it flavor excellent, it’s also obsessive. And cheap to generate. The main point here – addicted clients equivalent earnings, much like the cigarettes market. There are so many “healthy” foods laced with sugar that it’s mind-boggling. Check out the yogurt area of the food market. It’s hard to find a yogurt that’s not loaded with lovely fruits.

How Do You Win The War Against Sweets?

In concept, it’s easy. I remember a New Age thinker referring to how to give up cigarette smoking. His technique – “Don’t put the smoke in the mouth.” You must be thinking, “Great theory! In practice, it’s difficult to quit putting the sweet food in the mouth.” Unfortunately, there’s only one way to give up cigarette smoking – change your attitude that demands that a smoke is a buddy and think of it as a beast and the opponent.

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