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How to make eyes more beautiful?

eye shadowOne among the sense organs is eyes which is useful to allow vision and reacts to light. 10 million colors of eyes are there in human eye mostly it be blue, brown, grey and amber. It made up of three coats as outermost layer (fibrous tunic) consists of sclera and cornea, middle layer (vascular tunic) consists of ciliary body, choroid and iris and the innermost layer is retina. In edge of eyelid hairs are grown known as eyelash. It protects eyes from dust and insects and it makes irritation when a hair in eyelash falls into eyes. Length of the eyelash differs from person to person. Some have longer in length and some have smaller in length. For a person who is having smaller length of eyelash, ready-made types eyelashes are available in market which makes your look glamour in parties. Eyes are for not just to see it also add more beautiful to ones face. Cosmetics used around eyes to make it brighter. Some of them are eye linear (apply in eyelash), eye shadow and eyebrow pencil (used to increase the thickness of eyebrow).

Enormous amount of cosmetic products used in faces to improve the outer personality one among them is eye shadow. A cosmetic applied between the area of eyebrow and eye lids is known as eye shadow. Common use of eye shadow is to create more attractive to eyes and adds more depth. It is available in different quality and colors. As per colour of dress wearing eye shadows are choose. The eyeshadow primer made up of combination of mica and powder it is in liquid or pencil form. It used as worldwide among women but occasionally by men. When compared to male female having more in distance between eyebrow and eyelash. Mostly used by cinematic persons to get more look with bright and bold colors. On using eye shadow effects of glamour look and attention gains depending upon the skin tone. It brings more appearance to someone and less appearance to someone. Some woman’s having natural eye shadow with pinkish colour. Different types of application are there to apply eye shadow but normally by using fingers or brushes. It belongs to 10,000 BC first used by Egyptians. Ingredients used to make eye shadow are mica, sericite, colorants, talc, magnesium stearate and preservatives. Silicon used for liquid binders and magnesium stearate used for dry binders.

Is Primer is necessary for eye shadow?

To keep eye shadow for a long time primer is used. By using primer eye shadow looks great and lasts longer for a day. Between skin and makeup it acts as a barrier. It prevents eye shadow from smudging from oil arises from skin. Using finger or brush eyeshadow primer be applied and after applying need to wait for one or two minutes to apply eye shadow. Best eye shadows primers available in markets are URBAN DECAY Eyeshadow Primer Potion, BAREMINERALS Broad Spectrum Multi-Tasking Face, TOO FACED Shadow Insurance Champagne Eye Shadow Primer, Revlon Color stay Eye Shadow, Eyeshadow 48 Color, E.L.F. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer, MAC Paint Pot and Palladio Eye Primer.

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Owen Ormsley describes the positive effect of eyeshadow primer which are available for sale online.

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